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Welcome to the EasyAdmin Docs!


EasyAdmin is a feature-rich and highly customisable Administration Suite for FiveM and RedM Servers.

In this Wiki we explain how to Configure, use and Customize EasyAdmin to your liking, and how to expand EasyAdmin with custom features.


EasyAdmin has an ever-increasing amount of Features, here is a list of some of the Features that EasyAdmin has to offer

  • Basic Administration (Kicking,Temp/PermaBanning,Mute,Teleport To/From,Slapping,Freeze Player,Warnings)
  • Ability to Screenshot other Players' Game (requires screenshot-basic)
  • Extensive Banlist System which is highly resilient to ban evasion
  • Basic Ability to modify Server Settings from a GUI.
  • Report / Admin Call System with GUI to view and handle them
  • Extensive Permission system utilising FiveM's inbuilt ACE System.
  • A Permission Editor allowing for realtime modification of Server Permissions, saves to a config!
  • Various Server Admin Tools such as Cleaning up spawned Cars/Peds/Props
  • API to allow Developers to Communicate with EasyAdmin
  • Translation in 10 Languages (Community Driven)
  • Actively Supported & Updated since 2017
  • Plugin Support



Take a look at our Install Guide here.


We mainly provide support through our Support Discord, however, you can also create an Issue if you experience any Issues.


Both EasyAdmin and the wiki can be contributed to.

Spotted a mitsake[sic] or want to expand a page with more infos? Click the "Edit" button at the top right and create a Pull Request! Any contributions are always welcome!

Last update: 2021-10-19
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